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Business Checking

Checking as Unique as Your Business...

Just as your business or organization is unique, The Citizens Bank offers unique products to meet your company's needs and invest back into the community. Whether you're a sole proprietor operating from your home, a large corporation with many locations, or a small business somewhere in between, our products are designed to make your business banking easier.

Thinking about moving your account to TCB? Our easy Switch Kit will help you gather all the information needed to open an account. Click here for the Switch Kit.

Small Business & Business Analysis Checking Accounts

Our Small Business Checking Account was designed for those low-volume accounts that need lower minimum monthly balance requirements. The Business Analysis Account is better suited to those processing more than 100 transactions per statement cycle.

Commercial Interest Checking

This account is designed for businesses looking to earn interest. Interest is based on the collected balance, and minimum balance requirements apply.

What do I need to open a business account at The Citizens Bank?

Opening a business account with us is straight forward-especially if you’re prepared. Having the correct documents will help make sure everything goes smoothly.

All signers and/or account owners will need to bring:
  • Social Security Card
  • Current government issued photo ID (for example: Driver’s License, Passport or State Identification Card).

We also need proof to identify any beneficial owners of the business regardless of whether or not they will be an account signer. A beneficial owner is anyone who is entitled to or who controls -either directly or indirectly – 25% or more of the business.

Additional documents needed depend on what type of business ownership you have as listed below:
(special circumstances may require additional documentation)

  • SS4 Form, if you are using a Tax ID Number
  • Business License, if applicable

  • SS4 Form 
  • Partnership Agreement, if applicable
    LLP registration form filed with the state, if applicable
  • Limited partnerships must:
    • File a certification of the partnership information with the state in which the business has its principle location.
    • Include the term limited partnership or LP in their legal name.
    • Limited Liability Partnerships or Professional Limited Liability Partnerships must include either LLP or PLLP in the account titles.

  • SS4 Form (single member LLC may use owners social security number)
  • Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement
  • Business License, if applicable
  • Limited Liability Companies must include LLC in the account title.

  • SS4 Form
  • Articles of Incorporation

  • SS4 form
  • Letter authorizing opening the account and authorizing approved signers including titles/positions.

All requests are per The Citizens Bank Policy