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How-To Guides

Click links below for guides to walk you through several products or processes to assist in making your experience easier! 


  • General Overview of Mobile Banking - click HERE
  • How to pay a bill - click HERE
  • How to pay a person - click HERE
  • How to set up pay alerts - click HERE
  • How to set up eBill - click HERE

General How-To Guides:

Questions and Answers:
What forms are required to open a personal account?
We have everything ready for you in our Switch Kit! You will also need your Drivers License, Social Security card, and/or other form of ID. Click here to get started!
How do I sign up for Online Banking?
Simply click the link marked “Login” on our homepage. Click "Enroll" and fill out the form, and click Submit. Once we have received your form, we will set up your new online banking account and send you a secure email with your login information!
How do I reset my Online Banking Password?
Simply click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Login box and you will be prompted to enter your NetTeller ID. You will need to answer the Password Reset Question that you created during your initial login to online banking. If answered correctly, you will be prompted to create a new password.
You can also contact your local branch for assistance.
How do I sign up for Bill Pay? Are there any fees?
Bill Pay is a free service! You can sign up through our online banking website! Click here to see a video tutorial.
How do I enroll in E-Statements?
     • Log into Online Banking and click the TCB E-Statements tab.
     • Follow the prompts to sign up
     • Enter The Enrollment Verification Passcode: eDocs
*Please note: E-Statements are not online indefinitely. As you receive them, you will need to fully open the statement and save it to your computer. Moving the unopened statement to a folder will not save the document.
How do I sign up for iTalk?
All you need to do is call our toll-free iTalk number 1-888-960-2265 (BANK), enter your account number and social security number, then follow the prompts to create a PIN!
How do I report a Lost or Stolen ATM / Debit Card?
There are several options:
     1. Contact any branch for help if during business hours
     2. Call into iTalk, choose option 4, and follow the prompts
     3. Login to Online Banking and follow these steps:
            a. Click on the Options tab
            b. Click on the ATM/Debit Card in the submenu
            c. Put a checkmark in the box marked Lost/Stolen next to the card you wish to report.
            d. Click Submit
      4. TCB 2GO App
            a. Click on Preferences
            b. Click on Manage Cards
            c. Select the Card that you would like to Report Lost or Stolen
            d. Click Report - then Click Report again
What should I do if I suspect fraud?
Call us as soon as possible! We will be glad to assist you in determining if there has been fraud. If you are unable to contact us right away, you can ‘freeze’ your card using any of the same options listed to report your card as lost or stolen. Then, call as soon as you can.
If fraud is suspected, will someone contact me?
Yes! Our Fraud Center will contact you as soon as they detect suspicious activity, any time, day or night in the following 3 ways.
     1. Automated email to the email address that we have on file.
     2. Text message to the phone numbers that we have on file,
     3. Phone call to the phone numbers that we have on file.
How do I change my address on my account?
Please contact your local branch to assist you in getting your address changed.
How much money can I withdraw from the ATM with my ATM or Debit Card?
Here are the amounts that can be withdrawn per day:
     • ATM card - $500.00 per day
     • Consumer Debit card - $2,000.00 per day
     • Business Debit Card - $2,500.00 per day
How do I re-order checks?
Contact your local branch or drop off your re-order slip from your checkbook and we will take care of it for you! You can also log onto Online Banking and click on the ‘Reorder Checks’ link on the home page or call into iTalk and choose option 8.
How can I place a Stop Payment?
You can place a stop payment in several ways:
     1. Contact any branch for help if during business hours
     2. Call into iTalk, choose option 5, and follow the prompts
     3. Login to Online Banking, choose the Stop Payments option from the dropdown menu to the right of the account, enter the information, and click Submit
*Please note: Stop Payments can only be placed on checks when using the iTalk or Online Banking system.
How do I wire funds?
Your local branch will be glad to assist you in wiring funds. Just stop by at your convenience! Check with your local branch for fee information.
What is my Routing (ABA) Number?
The Citizens Bank Routing (ABA) number is 053207339
What do I need to do if I am planning to travel?
Make sure that you notify your local branch if you have plans to travel out of the state or country. International transactions are currently blocked but we can update your accounts to allow transactions from the places you are planning to travel to.